What Are the Different Types of Massages?

Common Services the Massage Therapist May Offer You

Sometimes you feel that knot of tension at your nape and nothing seems to relieve it. When you have muscle tension or you are overwhelmed by stress, go to a massage therapist to experience the benefits of touch therapy. Using their hands, they will knead the tension and anxiety from your body, leading to a relaxed and stress-free feeling for you. Depending on your needs, the therapist can offer you different kinds of massage therapy.

Swedish – Using gliding strokes, light to deep pressure, and kneading, the therapist will work on your tired muscles to bring about pain relief and stress relief. This is the most common massage therapy done in massage parlors. This is also a great first-time treatment for someone who has never had a massage before.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy massages is one where the massage therapist will do a full-body massage using essential oils. The oils used can be energizing or relaxing. One of the most common oils used is lavender, which has a nice floral scent and induces relaxation.

Shiatsu – Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that uses finger pressure in a sequence. The pressure point therapy is said to improve the flow of energy in a person’s body.

Deep tissue – A deep tissue massage uses similar techniques as the Swedish massage. The main difference is the depth of pressure. This is done for chronic pain conditions where there is muscle spasm that causes severe muscle pain. The pressure is very deep so that the therapy can reach the inner layers of the muscle and connective tissue in the affected or injured body part.

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