What You Need to Know Before Your First Massage

How to Prepare for Your First Massage Therapy


You just booked your first ever massage therapy? Or you are planning to make your first appointment in the near future? Here is what you need to know and how to prepare before visiting your massage therapist for the first time!


Before the session

Before you go to your first massage session, there are some things you can do to make it even more beneficial for your body and your mind. First, make sure to have a light meal or a snack. You should not go to a massage on an empty stomach, as you may feel nauseous after that. Same goes for eating a heavy meal – if you feel bloated, you will not be comfortable laying on your stomach for the next 30 minutes to an hour. Have a fresh, light meal, so you can feel comfortable and enjoy your session to the fullest.

If you are using any body lotions, creams or oils on a daily basis, skip them in the 24 hours before your massage. Usually, the therapist will apply some kind of a treatment or natural oil to your body and if you already have something applied from before, the treatment may not have the needed effect.


Arriving at the salon

Always make sure to arrive on time at the salon. If possible, arrive 15 minutes earlier. This will give you the time to settle and relax before your session. You will also be able to chat with your therapist and speak about your personal preferences and needs. Maybe you are experiencing pain in your body that needs some special attention? This will be the time for you to share your preferences, so you can get the massage your body needs.


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