Want to Start Your Day on a Positive Mood?

Massage Therapy Tips to Help You Relax

It’s a common belief with some cultures that morning rituals do in fact influence your entire day ahead, which is why some people start their day with meditation. It helps to strengthen your body, improves focus, and kick starts your mind. Although true meditation is something which takes years to master, achieving a lesser state of meditation can be easy for most people thanks to a good massage therapy. There are various different meditation methods you can try such as ocean, color, and even mediation massage, in order to find which one works best for you.

Ocean Meditation

This type of meditation can be performed even when you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean. Start by sitting or lying down in a position which is comfortable and close your eyes. As you begin to achieve a slow and steady breathing rhythm, try to picture yourself on a shoreline looking out across the ocean before you. When you breathe in, imagine the ocean waves gently lapping on the shore. When you exhale, try to imagine the ocean waves leaving the wet sand. Continue like this for at least 15 minutes before you go about your day.

Color Meditation

This is a meditation which can be difficult to achieve, due to the focus it needs, however, it does become easier when you choose something to think about. With this type of meditation, you need to choose a chakra you wish to focus on, plus, find a comfortable position which can be either sitting or lying down. Keep the color that relates to your chakra in your mind as you start to take deep breaths.

Then try to imagine the color becoming brighter each time you inhale, and fading as you exhale. Should you feel your focus slipping, take a moment to get the color back in your mind. Hold your focus as long as possible before get back to your daily routine.


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